The 10th International Workshop on Advanced Genomics

Date: May 21-23, 2013
Location: Hitotsubashi Memorial Hall, Tokyo, JAPAN
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In 2007, the personal genome sequence of Dr. Jim Watson was published, marking the opening of the era of next generation sequencers (NGS). Since then, the development of NGS has been so rapid and the rate of the expansion of their sequencing capacity exceeded even the Moor’s law of the semi-conductor industry. Nowadays, determining the genome sequence of 100 people is by no means surprising. In fact, some NGS now claim they have reached the targeted sequence capacity of $1000 per genome. The field of genome science is now awashed in “Big Data”, due to the rapid progression of NGS capacity. From the beginning, the field of genome science was already characterized by the comprehensive data acquisition, the integration of the various data using informatics and by the attitude of understanding living organisms as genome-based systems. The data obtained from “omics” approach (transcriptome, proteome, metabolome, etc) and GWAS analysis has been giving big impact on many areas, especially in medicine. The “Big Data” produced by NGS are, now, accelerating at high speed towards that direction, opening the way to personalized medicine as well as other fields. It will be important to understand the latest development in genomics in order to foresee the future of medicine, life sciences and biotechnologies.
The main theme of the 10th International Workshop on Advanced Genomics (10AGW) to be held on May 21st to 23rd, 2013 is “Genome Renaissance”. It will cover various frontiers of genome research including “Personal Genome and Inherited Disease”, “Cancer Genome”, “Epigenome and non-coding RNA”, “Metagenome and Human Microbiome” and “Population Genomics”, as well as “New Technology”. The organizing committee wishes to maintain the spirit of the preceding workshops by stressing presentations on “New-generation Technology” from both academia and from industries. The meeting has plenary lectures, symposia, and poster sessions. We are expecting as many as 500 attendants. The workshop is organized by the 164th Committee of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), and is supported by Japan Bioindustry Association, and the Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Associations of Japan.

Prof. Yoshiyuki Sakaki,
Honorary Chair of the International Workshop on Advanced Genomics:
Prof. Sumio Sugano,
Chairperson of Organizing Committee
Prof. Hiroyuki Aburatani,
Chairperson of Program Committee

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